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Confession time: We have SUCH a hard time passing up vintage hats 👒 when they cross our paths. They’re hardly ever a sage investment (& honestly mostly get attention for costume-party shoppers), but — hot damn — a lot of them are truly gorgeous and at least deserve a makeshift hat stand and a spot on the sales floor. So don’t forget to look up and around next time you’re in the shop ... maybe you can join us in the very slow-moving wave 🌊 to bring them back (or at least be willing to seem delightfully eccentric to everyone else in the pursuit)! 😘✨💕 #shelfie #vintagehats #parsimoniastore #hatstyle

Have a spring or summer wedding on the horizon? A graduation? Prom? We have some newly arrived florals & formals from the ‘50s & ‘60s that are begging for a special occasion! (The blue floral DID sell since we took this pic ... sorry!) And don’t forget our rack of rare/occasion-wear that’s always stocked with frocks ready for a night on the town. If you’re still stumped after that, be sure to ask if we have anything in the back that might suit your needs ... we have a small selection of pretties we protect from the daily wear and tear of the sales floor, and most lean toward the fancy side of life! ✨💕 See you soon, lovelies! #vintageformalwear #weddingwear #floralsforever #springfever

Our love ❤️ affair with vintage has been a decades-long relationship, and we can’t think of a better way to spend today — and EVERY day — than sharing that passion with you all! So thank you for allowing us to do what brings us joy ... we have the best kind of match-making job! 🥰😘💕 . . . . . Also, just a friendly reminder: You are amazing and awesome and worthy of all the different forms that love can take. To quote Fred Rogers (thank you, new-mommyhood 😂!): We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of saying to the world who we are." 💕 Happy Love Day, y’all. . . . . . Pucci-esque 1970s two-piece, size M/L (38/24-28/42)

We don’t need a reason to wear the most perfect shade of pink, but we’re happy to have an extra excuse! 🥰💕💋💝 Come see us for all your Valentine/Galentine celebration needs this week! Hours of op in our bio!

✨Happy weekend, #saintlouis! ✨ . . . . . Listen, we know we stock some crazy prints sometimes (😛), but don’t forget: You can always tone ‘em down a touch by sticking them under a sleeveless dress 👗 (like this pretty purple number!) or a cute cardigan! Or just go for it and slap on some pants👖or a skirt and werk, werk, werk! 😉💕✨ . . . . . 1960s purple princess seam dress, size M (36” bust, 38” hip); blouse 👚 also size M! . . . . . See ya at noon, babies! 😘

With the stripes of Mr. Mint and the silky sweetness of Princess Lolly, create your own Candy 🍭 Land wherever you go in this fabulous ‘50s Wendy Woods wiggle! Comes with matching belt and the BEST pockets! ✨💕 Size M (40-28-40)

Have you stopped by this week to see all the amazing new-new we’ve been cranking out?! Washing, soaking, mending, sewing ... making all the ✨magic✨ happen so that each piece could walk out the door on you, ready to wear! We’ve got some stellar looks we modeled last week that we can’t wait to show you in the coming days, so pop in today til 6 or keep your peepers on the feed & stories! 💕

✨ Game Day glam ✨ How can you not be ready to take on anything in your path when you’ve got a purple jumpsuit to don as a jersey?! 😉 Be sure to peep our stories to see this gem 💎 in action! Size S!

We love how these cropped cardigans can be styled with SO many aesthetics, whether it’s 1950s fit-and-flare dresses or a pair of high-waisted jeans and a plaid cotton shirt. And we have them in so many hues and sizes, just waiting for your spring wardrobe (peek back in our feed to see)! ..... Side note: Raise your hand 🙋‍♀️ if you’re gonna be soaking in that 60-degree sunshine tomorrow! 😛 ☀️

Peekaboo pleats got us like 😍! This magnificent mod dress has a new lease on life after we stitched 🧵 up some spots & we can’t wait to see who sashays out the door 🚪 with her! Will it be you?! 😀 Dress size M (36-28-open).

Sometimes we can’t find the jewelry we want, so we make it ourselves! These fabulous deadstock drops have been the perfect pop of color on our jewelry wall and go so well with pieces from the ‘60s and ‘70s! They’re lightweight, too, so bigger and bolder for your accessories arsenal doesn’t have to be painful for your pierced ears! 😘✨💕

One of our favs, @isobelthecocacolagirl modeling an amazing 1940s skirt suit that fits her (& her love for vintage!) SO well. It really fluffs us up when a youngin’ comes in who understands & appreciates the quality & style of pieces from decades gone and has the same passion for & delight in preserving these little pieces of wearable history. It’s something all three of us old souls on Team Parsimonia care so much about, and it’s good to know these garments will be in good hands for years & years to come!

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