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Linen - light, breathable, and cool. It’s the perfect fabric for hot summer days! Even better when it makes up a cute little 60s dress with white trim! Dress size S (34-29-36)

Summer plaid giving off the pin up 📌 vibes! This handmade beauty is ready for your next 📸 shoot, just add heels 👠 and winged eyeliner!⠀ ⠀ Size XS (35-24-open).

Anyone else wish we still wore hats like these as a part of daily fashion?! 👋 Well, we know some of you do, which is why we try to be selective with the ones we stock: They’re either fun & fancy for a special occasion, or more casual for those of you wanting to wear one out and about on a regular day! And when they’re not being worn, these little pieces of head history are sure fun to look at on their pedestals!

Already have a great dress, but need to put a little icing on top? We can help with that! 😉⠀ ⠀ We’ve got chunky statement necklaces and tons of fun earrings, like these minty Eiffel Tower dangles! ⠀ Stop by this weekend and see what’s new!

Go from weekday to weekend with this easy-breezy floral number, just in at the shop! Heels 👠, sandals 👡, wedges or flats 🥿, this one meets your feet however they want to accessorize!⠀ ⠀ LOTS of new goods are Hutton’s the floor this weekend, so don’t miss ‘em! See you at noon, my lovelies!

Our accessories wall is always here for you, like a BFF you’ve had so long they’d always tell you when there’s something in your teeth ... after laughing, of course. 😉💕 ✨

This magical creature ✨🦄✨ (@potion23design) has launched a small collection of her own designs! Her angelic Rapture Blouse pairs perfectly with our vintage plaid shorts and yellow accessories. Check out her profile for more details and a link to her shop!⠀ ⠀

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